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Yoga Movement That Can Relieve Menstrual Pain

Actually it is natural if you only want to sleep curled up in bed while experiencing menstrual pain. But unfortunately, these actions are still unable to eliminate the sensation of pain. For that, it’s better to do simple yoga therapy training movements to relieve menstrual pain. Relax, yoga movements that we will explain the following you can do on the bed.

1. Wide Child Pose
The first yoga movement is not only effective in lengthening the lower back, but also opening the hips. Therefore, the resulting stretch is considered able to reduce hip pain while improving the health of the area. In addition, child poses also have a relaxing effect on the body and mind. When practicing, make sure that the knees are far apart so the stomach can ‘land’ relax between them.

2. Reclining Twist
Instead of lying flat on your back, try practicing the Reclining Twist yoga. The trick, lift the left knee, and then land it to the right of the body. Next stretch your arms straight away from your body and point your gaze and chest to the left. Also, do for the right knee. This yoga pose that involves twisting the body can increase spinal flexibility. As a result, abdominal and lower back pain due to menstruation subsided.

3. Arching Pigeon
One more yoga pose that is also effective at opening the hips, namely Arching Pigeon. More than just eliminating menstrual pain, yoga movements are also effective in:

  • Stimulates the internal organs of the body.
  • Stretch the inner buttocks muscles, groin, and psoas (long muscles in the spine and pelvis).
  • Flex the hips.
  • Relieves tension during menstruation.

4. Camel Pose
The yoga movement that can relieve menstrual pain is Camel Pose. Here are some of the benefits that you can feel when you practice Camel Pose:

  • Stretching the abdominal muscles so that menstrual pain complaints can be resolved soon.
  • Increased spinal flexibility.
  • Opened chest and shoulder area.
  • Increased circulation and digestive system.

5. Cat Pose
If your menstrual pain is caused by constipation, then Cat Pose is the solution. This yoga pose does not only stretch the neck and upper body. The spine and the abdominal organs also seem to be massaged when practicing them. This effect automatically makes blood circulation more smoothly so that menstrual pain is more easily overcome.

6. Tiger Pose
After practicing Cat Pose, there is no harm in continuing the yoga movement with Tiger Pose. This effective movement to relieve low back pain is also useful in stretching the abdominal muscles and spine.