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Yoga Can Reduce the Curvature of the Spine of Scoliosis Patients

Scoliosis is a condition of the curvature of the spine to the side. Actually, all ages can suffer from scoliosis. But in general, these conditions afflict adolescents aged 10-15 years. There are various reasons why a person experiences scoliosis. The most common is due to wrong sitting habits. In cases of severe scoliosis where the curvature of the spine exceeds 45 ‘, surgery is usually the only way. As for the condition of the curvature of the spine which is not too severe, it is generally overcome by installing a brace.

Although effective in helping to straighten the backbone, but wearing a brace all day is certainly not a pleasant thing or arouse confidence, especially in adolescents. In addition, this treatment method on average requires patients to undergo a series of therapies and exercises that are tiring, and time and money consuming. A study shows that scoliosis sufferers only need to routinely practice this yoga therapy training movement for 90 seconds, at least 3 times a week. The reduction in the curvature of the spine can be seen within 3 months. The yoga movement in question is Side Plank.

Side plank is a yoga pose that involves lying on your side with both knees straight. The upper body is then lifted up and supported by the elbows and forearms. The study was conducted involving 25 patients with scoliosis aged 14-85 years. In the first week, participants were asked to practice Side Plank with a weaker side of the body as a support. The pose must be held for 10-20 seconds every day. Next, they are asked to keep practicing the yoga movements every day and hold it as long as they can.

Scoliosis is an asymmetrical condition that needs to be treated with asymmetric methods as well. Therefore, the researchers asked participants to do this yoga movement on the weaker side of the body only. Thus, the side of the body can be further strengthened so that the resulting curvature is reduced. The results of the study found an increase after the participants did Side Plank. After doing the yoga movements for 1.5 minutes a day, in 6.1 days per week, and a total of 6.8 months, the level of back curvature was found to be around 32%.

Whereas for 19 participants who did Side Plank at least 3 times a week, their backbones experienced an improvement of 40.9%. Of all the participants, the condition of adolescents increased by 49.6%, while the condition of adult participants improved to 38.4%. Of course, this is good news, especially since various studies also prove that yoga can reduce stress and depression. So what are you waiting for?! Scoliosis sufferers, let’s practice Side Plank routinely every day!